Our expert team of traffic reporters know and understand our roads and whether it be through radio, television or online, they provide concise, easy to understand updates that countless commuters tune into.

In order to source the most accurate and up-to-date traffic intelligence, we work alongside the roads and emergency authorities on a daily basis.

We also have numerous hotline numbers and online applications dedicated to gathering traffic information from the general public.

Integrated into each of our traffic reports is an attention grabbing live read advertising message. These concise live-read messages have become a powerful tool for our advertisers, who can reach an enormous slice of their target audience as we broadcast on every major metro commercial radio station in Australia and many regional stations. But that’s not all…

Due to the success of our live-read messages and their solus placement, we now provide our clients with pre-recorded advertisements which are positioned perfectly adjacent to the news. News is extremely high interest content and these premium placement advertisements can be written and recorded in-house at no extra charge.

If you would like to advertise across our network, please…